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Why Tea Is Actually Healthy

Why Is Tea Actually Healthy?

By now you’ve probably heard it a million and one times, tea is healthy for you. We hear green tea is the best, yet others will argue, it is black tea that really does the trick. Then you have those that say drink Pu-erh Tea and you will surely shed those pounds. But really what are the facts in all of this.

Not too long ago there was a study done by Harvard Medical School detailing the actual health benefit of tea. Let’s take a look at what they concluded.

What exactly are you drinking?

The main contributors of tea that really promote a healthier you are certain chemicals call polyphenols. Of the polyphenols, two of them take the lead, Catechins, and Epicatechins. “These are enriched in tea, especially green tea”, says Sun, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health.

Now we know all teas are processed differently some longer, some shorter, this is how we come up with Black, Green, White and so on. With Green Tea, it’s specific processing of fermentation actually boosts the amount of polyphenols in tea compared to the other types. Which means while other teas contain these health benefits they’re just not as noteworthy.

Ok, so how does this help my health?

First off polyphenols are antioxidants. The polyphenols attack the oxidants that the cells in your body create. The oxidants have a negative impact on your health, whether it’s playing a part in the development of cardiovascular disease or creating problems in your heart. So the more antioxidants combating the oxidants the better. This is not to mean that tea is the end all be all for a better healthier you. More studies are going on to get a better look at how much of an overall effect tea actually has.

A healthier you starts with you.

Tea is not and should not be considered the end all be all for a better, healthier you. Studies still haven’t specifically pinpointed how much of an overall effect tea really has. Simply put look at all the aspects of living a heart-healthy lifestyle and add tea as a valuable asset.

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