//Why do people drink tea

Why do people drink tea

I have a question. Why do people drink tea?

I know why I drink tea and I’ll tell you about that later. However, now that I am in the business of tea. IE. “Victory Tea Company”, I want to know why everyone else drinks tea. So I set out to talk to people who visit us at “Victory Tea Company” as well as ask the question online. What I found out is the amount of reasons that people drink tea is about equal to the amount of people I asked. There was one common thread though that came through in the majority of answers and that was the health benefits. Probably my biggest reason to drink tea as well.

One person I talked to said she doesn’t drink tea because of the health benefits, although she acknowledges that there are many great healthy teas. She said that she comes from a tea drinking background and that helps, but mainly she drinks different teas because of their appealing tastes and delightful and varied aromas. I think that there are probably millions of tea drinkers around the world that agree with her.

Another person told me that he drinks tea because, quote. “I need to drink something in the morning. I don’t like coffee and drinking alcohol in the morning is bad idea” end quote. Ok, makes sense to me.

When Roop (that’s his name) visited our store yesterday I asked him why he liked tea. He looked at me and said are you kidding, I’m from Darjeeling! Oh I said. Well that explains it. And where is Darjeeling? Darjeeling is a town in India’s West Bengal state, in the Himalayan foothills. Darjeeling is home of one of the best known teas in the world.

So while I’m writing this blog here at the store a nice young lady named Susan came to visit. I asked her why she liked to drink tea and she told me because it brings back memories. Susan’s grandmother is from England and she remembers having tea times with her. Susan also spent some time in England going to school there studying Creative Writing. So when in England…..do as the Englander’s do.

As for me, I love all of different types and flavors and have fun trying them all. To me tea is just fun. The health benefits are an added bonus.

Drop us a line here at “Victory Tea Company”. We’d love to hear from you and your reasons for drinking this tasty beverage.

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